MoneySmart: Professional Development for Educators

MoneySmart is a great resource for educators at all levels with practical ideas ready to use in your classroom.

It’s not a commercial product but developed by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) for the Commonwealth Government. Perfect for teachers at all year levels and great for preservice teachers! As well as practical classroom ideas that work across many curriculum areas and are aligned with the Australian Curriculum, you learn a lot about financial literacy for your own life.


Online Resources

The online training modules are free and you can claim them as professional learning hours – each will come with a certificate. Try one or do them all – it’s up to you. They can be accessed at

Don’t worry about “Accredited” or “Not Accredited” that is only for NSW and the ACT – you can do whichever you like. Although preservice educators who have done some of the modules recommend starting with Financial Literacy 101 and those looking for some immediate classroom ideas tend to start with “Teach MoneySmart: Be Money Smart”.

We live in an increasingly complex world. Money is less visible, online shopping is growing, credit is easy to access and the choice and complexity in financial products and services is increasing. Financial literacy enables young people to navigate these choices and make informed decisions.

ASIC MoneySmart Implementation Guide

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