World Teachers' Day Award Winners

Congratulations to this years 2023 Award Winners!

Minister’s Arts Education Awards

These awards reflect an ongoing commitment by the state government to recognise, celebrate and reward the work of outstanding teachers of the Arts.
The Minister’s Awards provide scholarships of $8,000 each to undertake professional earing that would not otherwise be possible.
These Awards are really making a difference to the lives of Arts educators and their learners.
Presented by Blair Boyer, Minister for Education, Training and Skills.

The winners for the 2023 Minister’s Arts Education Awards are…

Minister’s Arts Public Secondary Educator Award 2023

Penny Gill – Loxton High School

Penny will use her award to study art and culture in China. As well as using this new knowledge in her program, she will also run sessions for colleagues in neighbouring schools.

Ministers Arts Non-Government Secondary Educator Award 2023

Adam Rogers – Trinity Senior College

Adam will use his award to travel to the Concept Design Academy and universities in Los Angeles to broaden his knowledge and skills and establish an ongoing relationship with the Academy that will benefit his students.

Early Career Arts Educator Award 2023

Rebecca Johnson –
Mount Gambier High

Rebecca has already achieved much in her short career and is keen to expand her Arts knowledge and skills.  She will undertake several courses including workshops at Fitzroy Painting and courses at both the SA and Victorian Art Galleries.

Minister’s Language Immersion Scholarships

To support languages teachers in SA, the Minister has made available five immersion scholarships.
They provide $8,000 to the winners to improve their language skills through an immersion course in another country or within Australia.  Improving their language skills will have a direct benefit on their students.
Presented by Blair Boyer, Minister for Education, Training and Skills.

The winners for the 2023 Language Immersion Scholarships are…

Ministers Language Scholarship Catholic School Educator

Grace Gava – Nazareth Catholic College

Grace is using the scholarship for an intensive Italian language course at the Piccola University in Italy.  She expects to develop enhanced fluency and comprehension as well as gaining insights into Italian culture and history.

Ministers Language Scholarship Independent School Educator

Tiffany Scadden – Hills Christian Community School

Tiffany will undertake a two-week intensive German language course in Germany.  As well as improving her language skills, she will use the opportunity to make connections with schools in Berlin for future exchanges and learning opportunities for her students.

Ministers Language Scholarship Public School Educator

Ailish Ling – Victor Harbor High School

Alish will undertake a two-week Indonesian language immersion program in Denpasar which will significantly enhance her skills and proficiency in the language as well as increasing her cultural understanding.

Ministers Early Career Language Scholarship Public School Educator

Thomas Russell – Salisbury East High School

Tom has designed several learning experiences in Japan that will build his language proficiency including his listening, speaking and reading skills.  He will share his experiences with his colleagues on his return.

Ministers Early Career Language Scholarship Non-Government School

Sharn de Nys – St Anthony’s Catholic Primary School

Sharn is enrolling in an intensive Italian language course at the Amal Lingue Language School in Genoa.  This course will elevate her language proficiency and build her understanding of culture and practical language skills for the classroom.

World Education Forum Awards

The World Education Forum (WEF) began in South Australia in 1937 titled the New Education Fellowship and the group initiated a review of SA Education in the War Years of the early 1940’s and from that point on had a strong impact on South Australian Education. WEF in South Australia was part of an international body with a Guiding Committee in London and sections in numerous other countries.
Going into recess in 2012 WEF SA’s financial resources were put into a trust to award annual grants to worthy educators who have been nominated by their peers and who, through their professional work and association involvement, have exemplified the Aims and Values of WEF.
Presented by Mr Ziauddin Yousafzai from the Malala Fund and Gwendolyn Morphett from the World Education Forum.

The Winners for the 2023 WEF Awards are…

Outstanding Contribution to Intercultural and Global Understandings Award

Maggie Gu (accepted by Mingxia Wei) – Chinese Language Teachers Association of SA.

Maggie sees cultural and languages differences not as obstacles but as incentives enabling students to infuse their cultural experiences into learning Chinese. Maggie founded a Chinese Language college which has an Australian and Chinese bi-cultural context.  It gives Chinese teaching graduates an opportunity to gain real classroom experience that supports them to understand and work effectively in an Australian classroom context.


Outstanding Contribution to Learner Agency in Education Award 2023

Alixandria Schuppan (accepted by Noeleen Curran) – Visual Arts Educators South Australia

Alix has been a transformative force through creating a Studio-style learning environment which allows students to immerse deeply in their artistic pursuits and connect with external industry experts. She has fostered a culture of collaboration, personal accountability, and intrinsic motivation. Through her efforts, learners are more actively involved in shaping their academic experiences, leading to personal empowerment, improved well-being, and a profound sense of ownership over their learning.

University Awards

These awards recognise an outstanding preservice educator who has actively engaged with a professional association to develop networks and to contribute to the ongoing professional learning and development of their peers. We acknowledge and celebrate the achievements of pre-service students from Flinders University, University of South Australia and The University of Adelaide.
Presented by Prof Martin Westwell Chief Executive, Department for Education, Prof Deborah West, Flinders University, Prof Susan James Relly, Adelaide University and Prof Sam Sellar, UniSA.

The Winners for the 2023 University Awards are…

The Flinders University Outstanding Graduate Award

Amber Mausolf – Flinders University

Amber has the ability connect with all students and build strong relationships. She tries new ways to engage students based on their interests and personalities. Amber is very willing to take on all the extended tasks of teaching and is very good at forming professional relationships with other educators.


The University of Adelaide Outstanding Graduate Award

Paul Beecroft – University of Adelaide

Paul is an excellent teacher. His work over the two years of his Master of Teaching has consistently been of the highest level. During his professional experience, Paul’s mentor reports have been second to none. He is a highly engaged and effective teacher. The rapport he builds with students and colleagues alike ensures he is providing quality education. We are proud that Paul receives the University of Adelaide Graduate Award and look froward to seeing his indelible mark on the teaching profession.


The University of South Australia Outstanding Graduate Award

Carmen Pyragius – Uni SA

 Carmen has been a constant high achiever, across all courses throughout the Master of Teaching program. In 2022 Carmen received the Chancellor’s Letter of Commendation for her academic achievements. Carmen has established important professional links to key associations to support her ongoing professional learning and engagement. Connections have already been developed across Science, HASS and Maths professional associations and she has identified resources through these associations to apply in her classroom teaching.

Educators SA State Awards

These awards are nominated by associations and are available to any educator who meets the criteria.  Nominations are called for and a panel selects state finalists and the winner for each award.
This year we had high quality fields in every category and it was difficult to determine one winner from amongst many serving educators.
We would like to acknowledge all of the individual and association finalists for the State awards.
Presented by Prof Martin Westwell Chief Executive, Department for Education, Karen Beard, Credit Union SA, Steve Holland, Mile End Office Furniture, Andrew Goodhand, Calmwealth, Liz Sandercock, Educators SA Board and Leonie Paulson, Teachers Registration Board.

Click here to view the State Award Finalists

Noor Alhuda
Sofie Arhontoulis
Shelby Baker (Wen Deng)
Amy Broham
Alecia Cailes
Brett Calliss
Charles Campbell
Michael Cardona
Jamey Case
Lis Chapman
Samara Churchett
Melanie Crabb
Deanne Dicker
Fi Donnelly
Naomi Findlay
Gaby Freer
Elizabeth Gary-Smith
Joan Gilbert
Maggie Gu
Katie Harvey
Karen Inwood
Natalie Jonas
Tori Kay
Maria Kitching
Megan Lock
Kim Martin
Georjette Mercer
Anna Partridge
Angela Phillips
Anna Roebuck
Rachael Rositano
Alixandria Schuppan
Rebecca Scudds
Rebekah Slessor
Mingxia Wei

The Winners for the 2023 State Awards are…

Credit Union SA Early Career Educator of the Year Award

Noor Alhuda – EdTechSA

Noor quickly transitioned from a preservice teacher to a significant contributor in the field of Digital Technologies at Salisbury High. Noor’s contributions extend beyond her classroom teaching to designing and implementing courses that have dramatically boosted student engagement in Digital Technology, especially for years 11 and 12. She has been instrumental in drawing preservice members to her association and provides invaluable mentorship for these new educators. She is both an inspiration and a beacon of support for them.


Mile End Office Furniture Innovative Educator of the Year Award

Anna Roebuck – SA Area School Leaders Association

 Anna has championed the intersection of education and real-world applications by establishing EASpresso Café, a student-run café at Eudunda AS. This initiative was geared towards offering students tangible experiences that would transition into lifelong learning skills and open doors to the workforce. Her audacious dream and its realization reinforce the idea that regardless of location and resources, commitment and vision can indeed bring about equity and excellence. Anna’s initiative is inspiring Area School Leaders to transcend constraints, dream big, and to actualize those dreams for the benefit of their students and communities.


Calm Wealth Outstanding Contributor to the Educator Profession

Angela Phillips – SA HALT Network

In 2022, Angela she reignited the SA HALT Network in South Australia by gathering insights from local HALTs and educational leaders. She initiated the SA HALT conference, attended by over 80 professionals, and has been pivotal in rolling out online professional training programs. She has had a significant impact within her school and the SA HALT Network with her initiatives, such as the writers’ workshops for aspiring HALTs and various professional learning and networking events.


Outstanding Contribution to Regional Educators 2023

SA HALT Network

SA HALT took a democratic approach to ascertain the needs of members through surveys, introducing flexible meeting access via online platforms and redefining fee structures based on event participation. This facilitated inclusion without financial barriers. They instituted an array of initiatives including live-streamed conferences, online professional development sessions, a resource-rich website, educational podcasts, online zines, and the development of regional hubs. They plan on expanding their advocacy for regional educators, by setting up more country hubs and enhancing their online and offline event offerings.


Teachers Registration Board Early Career Mentor of the Year 2023

Rebecca Scudds – SA HALT Network

 Rebecca has consistently showcased exemplary mentorship to early career educators. By modelling best practices, co-planning units, and offering constructive feedback, Rebecca aids these educators in rapidly advancing their skills and confidence. She emphasizes understanding the rationale behind teaching practices and encourages growth through observation-feedback mechanisms.


Outstanding Contribution to Learners’ Wellbeing and Development

Anna Partridge – SA HALT Network

Anna’s conceptualized and executed a comprehensive, evidence-based wellbeing framework that catered to students from Reception to Year 12. This framework has been recognized nationally, with her school winning the 2023 Excellence Award for Best Student Wellbeing Program in Australia. She has developed resources for other educators and published a book titled; “ The Art of Raising a Resilient Child”.


Innovative Association of the Year Award 2023


VAESA has pioneered collaborations with the Art Gallery of South Australia and the Adelaide Central School of Art and has birthed avant-garde workshops that address both foundational and contemporary topics in art education, notably the integration of Artificial Intelligence in the field.  Its focus on AI’s role in the arts has illuminated potential avenues for the fusion of technology and creativity, fostering an environment of continuous learning and adaptation.

Click here to view the Innovative Association of the Year Award Finalists

Our finalists this year are:

  • Australian Association of Teachers of the Deaf
  • Chinese Language Teachers Association of SA
  • EdTechSA
  • Japanese Language Teachers Association of SA
  • The Preschool Directors Association of SA
  • SA HALT Network
  • Spanish Language Teachers Association of SA
  • Visual Arts Educators SA