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It’s Here!

We are proud to have launched MentorEd SA a new mentoring program designed to support and connect educators in South Australia.

What Is It?

We have launched a mentoring platform which we are calling MentorEd SA! This mentoring platform has been designed for educators who are wanting to take that next step to challenge themselves, amplify their capabilities, and reach their potential through mentoring.

We have partnered with Brancher – a science-based mentoring platform that recommends mentors/mentors who are the best fit for you and it also supports you with online professional learning and resources.

Interested in being a Mentor?           Interested in being a Mentee?

Why Mentoring?

  • Because, as educators, we believe we have so much to learn with and from each other.
  • For mentees, having mentors gives you access to colleagues’ support, knowledge, reflections, and experience in a non-judgemental and collegiate way.
  • Being a mentor enables you to pay forward, to support your early career colleagues, to build you own professional experience, and to accelerate your career.  It’s also a really rewarding experience.
  • We believe every educator should have at least one and hopefully more mentors as part of their ongoing professional network.
  • They can be highly experienced colleagues or someone with just a little more experience than you.

The benefits of mentoring are proven and include:

  • Increased job satisfaction and improved organisational commitment for both mentees and mentors
  • Increased job performance and 67% increase in productivity for mentees and mentors
  • Reduced strain (a significant predictor of burnout) for mentees and mentors
  • Mentors are 6 x more likely to receive a promotion; mentees are 5 x more likely
  • Increased perceived career success for women
  • 34% increase in collaboration

Most importantly, it’s knowing that you are growing as a professional and making a difference.

Who can be Involved?

We are currently seeking expressions of interest from both mentees and mentors! The time commitment is 1 hour per month.

To be a Mentor, you will be at any career level and you will love being an educator, be knowledgeable about your teaching area and willing to connect up with and support an early career educator.  Ideally, you will be a member of an educator professional association in SA.

To be a Mentee, you will be a graduate or early career educator looking to connect up with a mentor from outside of your own school.  This program does not replace your in-school mentoring; rather it complements it.

You can be an early years, primary or secondary educator, teaching a learning area you are passionate about, or teaching out of field because of the needs of your schools. The program is open to teachers of any teaching subjects.

How Can I Participate?

Firstly, participation for both mentors and mentees is free!

Click on the Mentor or Mentee buttons for more information and to register your interest.

About the Brancher Platform

This is an exclusive industry-leading mentoring program with limited numbers.

It leverages technology to make mentoring and career development easy, personalised and digitally accessible.

You’ll then be matched with someone who will be a good fit for you, based on skills, experience, personality, values and more.

You’ll meet monthly, at a time and place suited for both of you. You will be supported with online training, resources, tools and nudges to ensure you stay on track and get the most from the experience.

The Brancher platform will have everything you need to get the most from the mentoring experience.

It’s a self-driven development program. That means you are all in control of your own development.

Download the Mentees PDF          Download the Mentors PDF

Want to learn more? Check out the video below!

About Educators SA

We are a not-for-profit association which works to support educators and educator professional associations in SA. We are funding this mentoring program and delivering it free solely to support you, the educators of SA. Our members are the 61 educator professional associations who support more than 15000 educators in SA.  All are not-for-profit and all are run by volunteer educators.  Please explore our website to find out more about the professional communities that can support you.

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