Why Join a Professional Educator Association?

Belong to your Professional Community

Did you know there are over 60 educator associations in South Australia? Some are big, some are small, some are for early years educators and others are for senior school educators. Some are for language, some are for law, some are for mathematics and others are for music. But what all of these associations have in common is that they exist to make their members the best educators they can be!

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Benefits of Joining a Professional Educator Association

There are many benefits to joining an educator association, including:

  • Connect and share ideas with other passionate educators in your field
  • Access to professional learning events at discounted rates
  • Expand your network
  • Increase your employability Plus more!

Lots of associations offer discounted memberships to pre-service educators. This means if you are studying you can attend professional learning events at affordable rates, network and boost your CV!

If you are an educator in a rural or remote area, there are many associations that provide accessible support. Some associations have courses and workshops in country areas or provide sponsorship for educators to attend city-based professional learning events.


Educators SA currently has 60 member associations part of our community! Find them all here, or download this flyer.