World Teachers' Day Association Award Winners

Congratulations to all of our
Association Award Winners!

Award for Excellence presented by Agricultural Teachers Association of SA - Sarah Truran

Sarah has presented at forums and conferences and has assisted in developing and designing programs for Agriculture teachers statewide. Her understanding of Agriculture education is outstanding, and she is always willing to share this knowledge with her colleagues.

Outstanding Contribution to the Arts and Education presented by Ausdance SA - Amanda Phillips

Celebrated as a multi award-winning Australian Director, Choreographer, Performer, Digital Media Artist, Filmmaker, Educator, Mentor and Creative Producer across stage, screen and events, she has created over 30 projects over the last decade, alone. Hailed as a mastermind, her multifaceted work is described as the new deal arts-wise at its mesmerising best. Amanda holds a Masters of Dance (Laban Centre, London) and has worked prolifically in the UK, Europe and Asia. She is a Churchill Fellow and Centennial Medallist and has received numerous accolades including a Ruby Award for Innovation.

Amanda has introduced and managed many innovative projects to promote and mentor emerging dance artists and has partnered with Ausdance SA on numerous events. We honour her intellect and creativity and her amazing contribution to the Arts and Education and especially to the Dance community.

Environmental Educator of the Year Award presented by Australian Association for Environmental Education - SA Chapter - Naomi Findlay

Naomi is passionate about equipping the next generation for the future and effectively using education to respond to the global challenge of climate change. Her time as Convenor of AAEE-SA invigorated the membership and her work with Green Adelaide has influenced students and practitioners to embrace sustainability.

AATD(SA) Award for Excellence presented by Australian Association of Teachers of the Deaf, SA - Briony Harrison

Briony has exceptional knowledge of deaf education. She has a commitment to planning and adapting teaching programs to meet diverse student needs and actively engaging in professional development and mentorship.

Outstanding Contribution Award presented by the Australian Band and Orchestra Directors Association - Cassandra Pope

Cassie has made an outstanding contribution to ABODA in the role of Secretary, dedicating her time to the ABODA SA festival as well as the inaugural wind band festival. She has transformed the ABODA website into a user friendly digital space and facilitated many professional learning opportunities for music teachers in South Australia.

Award for Service presented by Australian Council for Educational Leaders - Christine Haynes

Christine has shown dedication, unwavering support, and exemplary professionalism to the ACEL branch executive.

Excellence in HPE Award presented by Australian Council for Health, Physical Education and Recreation, SA - Carlee Mitchell

This award recognises and rewards Carlee who models outstanding pedagogical practices, builds the capacity of their colleagues as Health and Physical professionals and develops healthy and physically active learners. As Co- President of ACHPER Carlee leads strategic planning and offers effective Governance for ACHPER.

Innovative Literacy Teacher Award presented by the Australian Literacy Educators Association - Karsan Hutchinson

Karsan is consistently learning new approaches through professional learning and applying innovations to their literacy teaching.

Outstanding Contribution to Learners' Wellbeing and Development presented by Australian Psychologists and Counsellors in Schools SA - Fi Donnelly

Fi is always compassionate and genuine when working with students, families and staff. She is an integral part of the Social Emotional Academic Development program and team.

Award for Service to Music Education presented by Australian Society for Music Education - Felicity Davies

Felicity regularly provides constructive feedback to online queries via Music Teachers of SA Facebook page, is part of the music mentoring at UniSA with the Music Education Strategy and provides excellent PD tailored to the needs to music teachers.

Award for Outstanding Contribution presented by the Business and Enterprise Teachers' Association - Evan Franco

Evan has consistently provided support to the whole Business community from Business Studies, through to Business and Enterprise and now Business Innovation. Evan has not only supported BETA members but the wider Business Teaching community with an easy nature.

Visionary Leader of the Year presented by Chinese Language Teachers' Association of South Australia - Mingxia Wei

Mingxia’s leadership as president of CLTASA was instrumental in driving successful reforms and making significant contributions to the association’s continued success in the past year. Her dedication and vision have truly elevated the organisation.

Innovation and Excellence Award presented by Creative Arts Association Australia - Beth Sztekel

Beth is one of the founding committee members of CA3 and secretary. Her skills, creativity, innovations, and excellence have supported members and been instrumental in guiding membership, leading professional learning and consistently providing innovative ways to nurture the CA3 community.

Lifetime Membership Award presented by Drama South Australia - Tess O’Callaghan

Tess has demonstrated excellence in teaching for over 40 years. She has dedicated many years of passionate and unwavering service to Drama South Australia.

Playful Pedagogies Award presented by Early Childhood Australia - Yvette Flood

Yvette has led a team of educators to embrace outdoor learning and nature play at a meaningful level. Her ability to motivate and inspire adults and children has had a significant impact on learning while utilising playful pedagogies.

Award for Excellence presented by the Early Childhood Organisation, SA - Natalie Jonas

Natalie has done exemplary work in the leadership of EChO and early years’ associations. She has initiated and led collaborative projects and association initiatives while going above and beyond in her role to excel — continually advocate for the early years, educators and the rights of the child.

Digital Technologies Teacher of the Year presented by EdTechSA - Fiona Clayton

Fiona is a skilled Digital Technologies teacher who  mentors SACE stage 1 and 2 teachers, offers moderation workshops and leads Digital technologies learning for reception through to year 12. She is an extremely valued member of the EdTEechSA community, freely giving hours of her time and expertise.

History Teacher of the Year presented by the History Teachers Association of South Australia - Rosslyn Mattner

Ros exhibits exceptional dedication to mentoring and guiding colleagues in the teaching of history. Her selfless efforts have impacted the professional growth and professional development of fellow educators.

Outstanding Contribution to Home Economics presented by the Home Economics Institute of Australia - Sophie Princi

Sophie has dedicated herself to Home Economics, with tireless efforts ranging from staying after school to further support students to showcasing exceptional organisational and leadership skills.

Gotong Royong Award (Mutual Cooperation) presented by the Indonesian Teachers Association - Serena Ruiz

Serena has contributed to INTAN since the 1990s. She has held various roles on the committee including as a leader, Treasurer and Minutes Secretary. As a teacher, Serena has created opportunities for immersive experiences and taught students with passion and expertise.

Hiroshi Haga Teacher Recognition Award presented by the Japanese Language Teachers Association of SA - Jodie Wallace

Jodie is a respected, trusted and valued teacher and colleague who always includes and supports those around her.  Jodie has demonstrated outstanding advocacy for Japanese language and culture in her school community.

Outstanding Work as a Presenter presented by Kodaly SA - Alex Dalman

Alex has been integral to the preparation and presentation of numerous Kodaly workshops and presentations over the last few years. Kodlay acknowledges her advocacy and commitment to delivering excellence to the wider education community.

Life Membership presented by the Laboratory Managers Association of SA - Sheryl Hoffmann

Sheryl is an inaugural member of the Laboratory Managers Association of SA’s committee. Over 26 years she has held various positions including President and presented keynotes and organised many events including conferences, workshops, and Health & Safety days.

Languages Early Career Teacher Advocator Award presented by the Modern Language Teachers Association of SA - Miriam Parsons

Miriam recognised a need to connect Early Career Languages Teachers with practicing teachers, leaders and professional associations. Her initiative led to an Early Career Languages Teacher Expo, where she led a working party to successfully bring the vision into fruition.

Outstanding Service to Music Educators presented by the Music Teachers' Association of South Australia - Rodney Smith

Rodney has outstanding and unwavering dedication in fostering a supportive and enriching environment for music teachers. His innovative initiatives have significantly contributed to the professional growth and success of educators in the field, making a profound impact on the music education community.

Leadership and Innovation Award presented by Nature Play SA - Sue Caldicott

Sue established a weekly bush Kindy program focused on restoring bandicoot habitat in Belair National Park. Additionally, she engaged a Kaurna person to develop a Reconciliation Action Plan, provide Cultural Awareness Training, and implement a Kaurna language program, which has been listed for a 2023 Narra-gunna-wali Award.

Outstanding Service Award presented by the Orff Schulwerk Association - Michael McConnochie

Michael has served on the OSASA board for 19 years, including 8 years of Outstanding Leadership as President. During his time as President, he calmly navigated the Association through the challenging time caused by the pandemic.

Preschool Leader of the Year presented by the Preschool Directors Association of South Australia - Jo Saunders

Jo has initiated a network of community organisations in the City of Playford to improve the support for preschool children and their families. She is an active advocate for other preschool leaders and provides guidance and support for new preschool leaders in her portfolio and beyond.

Award for Outstanding Achievement in Preschool Numeracy presented by the Primary Maths Association - The Margaret Lohmeyer Kindergarten Team

The learning team at Margaret Lohmeyer Kindergarten has collaborated to learn their way forward as numeracy educators and as a result have created an outstanding learning environment in which their young learners can be and become powerful mathematicians.

Excellence and Innovation Award presented by the SA Area School Leasders Association - Anna Roebuck

Anna’s leadership at Eudunda Area School in creating the EASpresso Cafe has produced positive outcomes for many students. The EASpresso Cafe project was also a finalist for the 2023 South Australian Training Awards – South Australian Skills Commission – VET Innovation Award.

Leading Innovation in Education Award presented by the SA HALT Network - Sara Mori

Sara has developed initiatives to genuinely embed Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives into the junior primary setting. She has fostered regular connections with Aboriginal and Torre Strait Islander histories, cultures and languages and worked with Uncle John to continue to drive the momentum.

Early Career Teacher of the Year presented by the SA Special Education Principal and Leaders Association - Jamey Case

Jamey is a passionate, dedicated, advocate for students with special needs. He ensures every student feels safe, heard and achieves their very best.

Library Advocate of the Year presented by the School Library Association of South Australia - Nicole Turner

Nicole has positively contributed to their school community and encouraged further development of professional learning.

Life Membership presented by the South Australian Association for Media Education - Guy Louanglath

Guy provided support to SAAME during the pandemic and has played a role in the adoption of different modes for meetings. He also developed resources for the Media Arts curriculum and continues to champion UNESCO’s Media & Information Literacy initiative.

Life Membership for Outstanding Contribution presented by the South Australian Council for Adult Literacy - Caralyn Lammas

Caralyn has outstanding dedication and service to the Adult Literacy and Numeracy field. She has shown leadership, supported advocacy and promoted the provision of Foundation Skills in Adult Community Education and Vocational Education and Training.

Outstanding Service to the English Teaching Profession presented by the South Australian English Teachers Association - Kelly Warner

Kelly has made an outstanding contribution to the English teaching profession in South Australia. Kelly consistently displays dedication, integrity and passion for the English teaching community through her work as co-convenor of both the annual SAETA State Conference and the Young Writers Award.

Leader of the Year presented by the South Australian French Teachers' Association - Jasmine Sotiroulis

Jasmine has transformed SAFTA, where she has been president for two years, into a modern, vibrant and accessible association. Through hard work and determination she also put together an unforgettable conference with a sensational international speaker.

Early Career Award presented by the South Australian German Teachers Association - Sarah Bragg

Sarah has embarked on her teaching journey with boundless enthusiasm and unwavering passion. She has already taken the stage at the annual conference, where she shared her inspiring and innovative ideas with fellow association members.

Honour Award presented by the South Australian Science Teachers Association - Cliff Rothenberg

Cliff has been a dedicated and active supporter of SASTA over many years. He has been instrumental in the organisation of two national conferences, supported early career teachers, provided professional learning and hosted social gatherings.

Student Wellbeing Leader of the Year presented by the South Australian Wellbeing Leaders in Schools - Mike Haynes

Mike has outstanding dedication and compassion in supporting the wellbeing of the Avenues College community. His commitment to fostering an inclusive and supportive learning environment has resulted in remarkable outcomes for the school community, particularly for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and EALD students.

Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Teaching of Spanish presented by the Spanish Teachers Association of SA - Laura Masson

Laura’s inclusive leadership style has seen higher numbers in attendance to recent events; increased participation of schools in STASA events; representation of STASA at national level; and newly created sisterhood programs between South Australian and Spanish schools.

Outstanding Contribution Award presented by Visual Arts Educators SA - Siobhan Barbara

Siobhan has run pre service network meetings and promoted the professional association to future teacher, building stronger links to the next generation of teachers. In her role as Treasurer she supported the VAESA President in organizing the state conference for Visual Arts teachers in 2023.

Women's Studies Teacher Excellence Award presented by the Women's Studies Teachers Association - Avyi Patitsas

Avyi worked tirelessly in organising the paperwork to enable WSTA to become an Association.