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Welcome to Educators SA Podcasts!  In each episode, we delve into the world of educators and educator associations. We’ll bring you interviews with leading experts, explore upcoming trends in education, and offer insightful discussions on the issues that matter most to professional associations and educators alike.

Join us as we explore the challenges and triumphs of the education landscape, and discover the innovative ideas that are shaping the education sector of tomorrow. Get ready to be inspired, informed, and empowered!


AI for Associations with Julian Moore

In this enlightening episode, we sit down with Julian Moore from Strategic Membership Solutions, a seasoned expert in leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) for association management. Julian delves into the myriad benefits of integrating AI technologies into the daily operations of associations, shedding light on how it can revolutionize time management and cost efficiency.

Listeners will come away from this episode with a newfound appreciation for the transformative potential of AI in association management. Julian’s insights serve as a compelling call to action for associations to embrace innovation and embrace the efficiency gains offered by AI technologies.

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For Educators by Educators – Behind the SA Resources for the Australian Curriculum with Educators SA

In this podcast series, Educators SA speaks with the South Australian resource developers to hear their stories and discover just what makes the Australian Curriculum resources so special.

The Story Behind the SA Resources for the Australian Curriculum

The Department for Education has spent lots of time and effort in creating new resources for the Australian Curriculum; they wanted resources that are directly useful to teachers. Hear what’s behind these resources, why they are so important and how they can benefit you. Hear what’s coming next. We interview the two people who have led the development of the resources and from them, gain great insight into the questions of Why, How, When and so on. Hear them on our Australian Curriculum podcast series.

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SA Resources for the Australian Curriculum – The Arts

Whether you are a primary teacher who has to teach all of the Arts, a specialist Arts educator or someone who is interested in the Arts learning area, then this podcast is for you. We speak with the three passionate Arts educators who are developing the SA resources for the Arts Curriculum.

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Science – SA Resources for the Australian Curriculum

What’s new in the SA Science resources recently released by the Department for Education? Designed to support educators to teach Science, the resources provide a scope and sequence and, unit plans, and lots of ideas. You can find out about all of these and also what’s new and special about these resources directly from those who wrote them.

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Mathematics – SA Resources for the Australian Curriculum

Want to know more about the new SA scope and sequence and resources for Mathematics? In this episode you will hear directly from the writers of these resources.

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Humanities and Social Sciences – SA Resources for the Australian Curriculum

All those who teach HASS know its importance for learners. Get insight into what in the new HASS resources for the Australian Curriculum and, importantly, what’s the thinking behind them and how will they be directly useful to you.

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Health and Physical Education – SA Resources for the Australian Curriculum

Join us for this episode where we focus on the Health and Physical Education resources.

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Technology – SA Resources for the Australian Curriculum

Given we live in a technological world, Technology should be one of the most important areas of the Australian Curriculum. To support educators in teaching Technology, the Department has released a new SA scope and sequence and resources. Want to know how they can be directly useful to you? Listen to the educators who have designed and written these resources.

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