Rebecca Garrett

President, Mathematical Association of SA (MASA)

Hi! My name is Rebecca Garrett. I am the president of the Mathematical Association of SA (MASA) and I really enjoy being a Maths teacher.

I love the networking opportunities that MASA provides and how this allows me to share with the mathematics community the knowledge that I have gained in my career so far. As an educator, I love that I get new questions every day in the classroom. Students are keen to not just learn the process but know the background for where we can use the mathematics.

Rebecca’s top resources for Maths

1. SACE Mathematics

A great site for SACE teachers to keep up to date with the changes in curriculum. There is so much flexibility with assessment, you just need to read the documentation.

2. Numbers Game

This one is an excellent warm up game using basic numeracy. Works great if you have mini white boards in the classroom. Perfect for teachers from Years 7 to 12.

3. Kahoot

It is a great way to engage learners in a quick, effective and interactive way. Creating your own quiz is very simple too! Suitable for any year level.

4. OneNote

I use my Notebooks every day. OneNote gives you the power to help students inside and outside of the classroom. The ability to be collaborative and also individualise for students is fantastic. Suitable for all curriculum areas and all year levels.

If you want to know more about the Mathematical Association of SA (MASA) and other professional educator associations in SA go to

Vanessay Fay

President, SA Science Teachers Association (SASTA)

I love being in a professional association because volunteering is both challenging and rewarding and I value what SASTA offered me when I was an early career teacher.

I have a passion for science and love helping students master skills, deepen their understandings and awaken a hunger for knowledge and unquenchable thirst for new discoveries about the universe.

Vanessa Fay: “For me some of the most useful resources for science are…”

1. Scootle

A great site with lots of well-prepared material that engages students in learning in a variety of ways. You also know that Scootle ideas have been successful in the classroom and align with the Australian Curriculum. While I get lots of science ideas from Scootle it also covers all learning areas across all year levels.

2. Physorg

A great site for Year 10,11,12 science, physics, chemistry, biology, geology and astronomy. I like this site because it has such interesting and up-to-date ideas, scientifically relevant content and takes you to new discoveries.

3. Purplemath

A good site for maths for years 10, 11, 12. Really interesting and detailed explanations.

4. Science Daily

This site is so full of contemporary ideas, interesting new research and has a broad spread of content. Really good for year 10,11,12 but also for science ideas for many year levels.

5. Wired

Exciting site that looks into the future including artificial intelligence and other technological advances. Perfect for years 10,11,12 or anyone interested in science and the future.

6. TED Talks

Where to start – there are so many interesting talks usually less than 20 minutes long that are a great stimulus for learning.

If you want to know more about the SA Science Teachers Association and other professional educator associations in SA go to

SASTA is also running an Early Career Teacher Conference on 11 October. Click here for more information.



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