Who are we

Our Story

Educators SA is dedicated to supporting all educators in South Australia to be the best professionals they can be!

Our members are the vast majority of teacher, leader, and educator professional associations in the State.  In all, we have 61 associations who are members and collectively they have a reach to over 15000 educators in early years, primary, secondary, and tertiary settings.

We have been supporting educators for over 29 years by:

  • Providing professional learning and training to current and aspiring educators (teachers, principals, preschool directors and more).
  • Advocating for educators with government and all education sectors
  • Developing networks of educators including country educators and preservice teachers
  • Conducting the annual gala World Teachers’ Day Awards Ceremony
  • Organising major events for educators and the education community including conferences and celebrations
  • Helping to change education for the better.

We are a registered charity and incorporated association led by a board of volunteers elected by our members.

Look for us on social media; we will be there promoting hundreds of events for educators and letting the world know about the great work of educator associations in South Australia.

We are thrilled that our members value what we do for them, and we have some exciting plans for the future.

Our Strategic Actions

Drive Quality Performance

  • Advocate the role of professional associations in achieving educator quality
  • Provide relevant and informed advice, based on evidence from field, to government and educational sectors
  • Develop data acquisition and management strategies to enable informed and credible decision making and advocacy

Build Productive and Strategic Relationships

  • Develop a Communication Strategy that embraces technological solutions that is inclusive and encourages engagement
  • Strengthen our relationships with educational authorities and our members

Embed Sustainability

  • Diversify our income streams by creating viable and sustainable funding sources
  • Actively pursue opportunities to promote, create awareness and raise the profile of Educators SA
  • Lead the generation and promotion of innovation
  • Provide quality services that assist our members with effective governance, marketing and management
  • Build our capability to grow the capacity of the organisation
  • Explore the development of an accountability framework