Preschool Directors Association of South Australia


The Preschool Directors Association of South Australia Inc (PDA) was formed in 1996. It is a proactive and professional association of Early Childhood Educators, most of whom hold current leadership positions.

PDA seeks to influence the ongoing provision of high-quality education and care programs for young children across South Australia. The majority of members are employed as preschool directors with the Department for Education and Child Development.


PDA has a growing membership with interested leaders across the state seeking to work together to ensure the maintenance and further development of excellent educational programs for young children and their families.

Membership entitlements include:

  • Advocacy for preschools in South Australia
  • Regular newsletters
  • Representation on working parties and reference groups pertinent to preschool operations across DECD including with the Chief Executive, the Head of Child Development and Minister for Education and Child Development
  • Meetings, forums, conferences and training and development activities
  • Contact with a network of early childhood educators
  • Contribution to the development of PDA policies and position papers through the Portfolio groups
  • Access to the PDA email chatline