Better Decisions, Better Lives – Health and wellbeing course — MASA

9.30 – 3.30
Masa office - Building D 80 Payneham Rd Stepney

A mini-professional development course by Steve Begg

A person’s decisions are the only influence they have on how their life turns out, thus their well-being (the rest being up to chance, nature, other people decisions… all uncontrollable). What could be more important to learn!

Yet most people have not been taught how to make good decisions, or even know what constitutes a good decision.  Like many other spheres, good decision-making abilities do not arise from “natural talent”, but from learning and developing a set of skills, honed by experience. The good news is that these skills are relatively simple, scalable and decision-agnostic – one method, but not “one-size”, fits all!

But most people do not just “stumble across” them, rather they adopt/learn poor decision-making habits (eg pros vs cons; intuition) that are only suitable for decisions where the consequences are not particularly important, or where the same type of decision is made very frequently.

This mini-course is based on my experience teaching 11-13 year old how to make good decisions – but the key ideas/principles are implementable at younger ages and there is scope for incorporating more “sophisticated” tools for older students (particularly the use of probability to reason under uncertainty).  You will come away with a good understanding of the main ideas/principles for making good decisions plus some “tools” for their implementation – which you will be able to use for both teaching your students and for your own decision-making!    I will also provide some links to online teaching resources.

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Lunch and snacks provided