Year for Associating Professionally

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About the campaign

Associating professionally is an important part of every educator’s professional life. In 2021, Educators SA is running a campaign on behalf of all professional associations to emphasise the importance and benefits of associating professionally.

The aim is to make every educator aware of professional associations, the benefits they offer and the impact they have on educators’ career-long development. As a member of the Educators SA community, we would like to encourage you to support this campaign. If 2020 has told us one thing, it is the fact that associations have never been more important. By associating professionally, your association helps educators to develop themselves as professionals, to make a difference for their colleagues and their profession, and accelerate their career.

You can help by encouraging your colleagues to associate professionally through an association and by following @Educators SA on social media.

How you can be part of the campaign

1. Put the campaign logo on your website (see download section below).

2. Use the email signature logo in your signature blocks (see download section below).

3. Make sure the campaign poster is displayed prominently on your site (see download section below).

4. Promote the “key messages’ amongst your current and potential members (see download section below).

5. Use the key messages on your website and through social media.

6. Encourage your members to share the benefits of associating professionally with a colleague.

7. Gather and promote stories or video clips from your members about what they gain from associating professionally.

8. Organise a social, professional event to celebrate associating professionally.

9. Offer free or discounted memberships to preservice and early career educators.

10. Offer a free membership as part of our competitions and promotions this year.

11. Consider being part of a ‘primary membership’ bundle.

12. Publish an article in your newsletter (see download section below).

13. Recognise a member a month – recognise participation, contribution or draw someone at random. Perhaps a Haigh’s chocolate frog each month.


Campaign Logo 2021
Email Signature Campaign
Email Signature Campaign
Email Signature Campaign

Campaign Logo

We have developed a logo for this campaign. You can put it on your website or use it in Social Media posts. 

Email signature

Use the email signature logo in your signature blocks.

Campaign poster short

This short version of a campaign poster shows the key messages of the campaign. Make sure it is displayed prominently on your site.

Campaign poster long

This version of a campaign poster displays the key messages and some more information why it’s beneficial to join an association.  

Key messages

Promote the key messages amongst your current and potential members. Click on the images below to download them. 

1 Develop yourself as a professional
4 Access latest research and ideas
2 Make a difference
3 Accelerate your career
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