Professional Learning

The terms professional learning and professional development are often used interchangeably by teachers and providers.

Regular, career long professional learning is a fundamental part of the role of the educator and teacher.

Continuing professional learning is needed to keep abreast of new developments in curriculum and pedagogy arising from the changing and evolving educational, social and cultural contexts in which teachers work and students learn.

Educators SA and its affiliated Associations are committed to ongoing professional learning, to develop the knowledge and skills of teachers so they can ultimately improve classroom outcomes.

Professional development activities can take many forms – from coaching and mentoring, to annual conferences, to series of seminars and workshops, to publications.

Safety and Respect Online

This program from the Department for Education includes three hours of professional learning through live webinar participation and the completion of a quiz. All teachers, and related staff, who complete the program will receive a summative infographic containing key learnings and a participation certificate.

To participate in Safety and Respect Online, register here to attend each of the webinar topics during 2018. After participating in all three (50min) webinars, you will be able to access a 30 minute quiz to complete the three hours of activity. Please note participants must connect via the website or phone app to ensure their attendance is registered for completion and accreditation. Please note that certificates of partial completion will not be provided, for example to teachers who have only participated in one of the three webinars, but personal records may be used to support the PD with any teacher association.

Responding to Abuse and Neglect

You want to work or volunteer with children and young people on any school sites? In line with currently Child Protection legislation, you are mandated to notify suspected abuse or neglect if you work in a job (or volunteer) role with children or young people. Book it here!

Language and Literacy Courses

To understand the role of language and literacy in successful learning better, Educators SA offers two special courses: “Literacy Learning” and “How language works”.

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