PETAA – Online: Intro to English language and sentence grammar


An online course presented by Dr. Rod Campbell, demonstrating that teaching English grammar (or more correctly, teaching students the knowledge and skills for writing English) can be creative, engaging and […]

$75 – $150

PETAA: – Going Meta: Enabling rich talk about writing (online)

This self-paced course is presented and moderated by Professor Debra Myhill. Comprising 5 distinct modules, this comprehensive course looks at what is meant by metalinguistic understanding, how to plan writing […]

$150 – $300

PETAA – Online: Teaching grammar with rich literature


This self-paced course is presented and moderated by Jennifer Asha. Using rich literature to teach writing, with quality texts as a springboard for explicit grammar instruction. What makes a quality […]

$150 – $300

Review of the Australian Curriculum

Online via Zoom

The Australian Curriculum is changing... Schools and teachers want a less crowded and more helpful curriculum – with time to focus on essential content and depth of learning! ACARA is now seeking […]


MASA: Technology in the classroom workshop series

80 Payneham Rd, Stepney SA 5069, Australia

MASA is offering three one-hour workshops to be held in May in person in the MASA training room, Building D, 80 Payneham Road, Stepney. Book for any or all using […]

$30 – $80

OSASA Workshop: Music – Let’s Do It

Fullarton Park Centre 411 Fullarton Road, Fullarton

Registrations for OSASA's Term 2 Workshop, "Music - Let's Do It" are now open. This half day workshop will feature local presenters Robyn Windham, Kristie Fudge and Maria Stone sharing […]

$30 – $160

PETAA: Exploring How Texts Work in Science

Cowandilla Primary School 21 Jenkins Street, Cowandilla

Presented by Bronwyn Custance and Tony Hole. What are the core text types reflected in the Australian Curriculum; Science, and how do we support our learners in reading and writing […]

$300 – $600