Professional Associations

Educators SA is the peak organisation for the 58 professional educator associations in South Australia.

Every one of the 58 associations have been created by educators for networking, sharing ideas and resources and for collaborative professional learning. Each is not for profit and each is run by volunteers.

Why would I want to join a professional association?

1. You gain access to lots of resources, practical ideas and professional learning both online and face to face.

2. It is a great way of expanding your professional network; professional association tend to attract highly capable and professional educators as members.

3. It looks great on your CV! Being a member tells prospective employers that you are committed to being a professional and that you have initiative. It differentiates you which is vital in competitive selection processes.

4. Professional associations are collegiate – they are all about associating together and strengthening our profession.

5. They are fun and well as a means of continually developing and improving.

6. They are a great way to access mentoring.

7. Participation in professional associations is an expectation in the AITSL Teacher Standard 7.4

Which professional association should I Join?

There is a professional association for you whatever your professional interest. They cover all curriculum areas from early childhood to Year 12 and University. They cover important areas such as environmental education, nature play, languages, music, drama, educational leadership, special education, laboratory management, librarianship, media and much, much more.
To find one or more that suit you go to “find-your-association”.

How much do they cost to join?

The price varies according to the association and the degree of benefits they provide. They can start at $20 and go up to $90 all of which is tax deductible. Many associations offer significantly reduced memberships for preservice educators – some are even FREE! Check them out and if you have any questions contact the association directly or the Educators SA team on 84635870 or

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