Minister's Early Career Arts Education Awards

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In 2021 there is one special award available for an outstanding early career teacher of the Arts. Nominations are open to catholic, independent and public school teachers in South Australia.
The successful applicant of the award will receive $5,000 to support their professional learning in their chosen Arts field.

The prestigious Minister’s Arts Education Awards are in recognition of outstanding achievement and endeavour in Arts education. These awards are designed to acknowledge and celebrate the achievements of an early career teacher of the Arts who is currently working in a school in South Australia. The award recognises excellence in teaching to engage students in The Arts and enable them to be successful in their learning. They highlight outstanding achievement, creativity and leadership of teaching and learning in Arts education.

The prize of $5000 is to support the professional development of the recipient. This may include (involve) their students and/or school community, however, the prize is predominantly about funding the individual’s professional development.
It is envisaged that this awards will provide winners with opportunities to further develop innovation, best practice and leadership of The Arts.

The award funding is provided for expenditure during the 2022 calendar year.


  • Strengthen, acknowledge and grow Arts education in schools by recognising and rewarding effective and outstanding teaching and learning practice in the Australian Curriculum: The Arts and/or in the SACE (Arts subjects)
  • Identify role models who demonstrate creativity and innovation by outstanding teachers in The Arts in guiding students to realise their potential.
  • Acknowledge and celebrate the valuable contribution made by outstanding early career Arts educators.
  • Celebrate the role of Arts education and its place in the community.
  • Recognise and reward individual outstanding Arts educators.
  • Stimulate further opportunities for creativity and innovation amongst educators for children and young people.
  • Support learning and professional learning opportunities for Arts educators.
  • Provide opportunities for outstanding early career teachers of The Arts to engage in quality professional learning in The Arts.


  • Applicants must be a teacher of The Arts who is school-based and in their first five years of teaching; this includes contract, TRT and ongoing appointments.
  • Previous recipients of an Arts Educator award are not eligible to apply.
  • One application only. Applicants to this award category cannot apply to the annual awards category.
  • Applicants must be Australian citizens or have permanent residence status in Australia.
  • Applicants can propose a professional learning program at the time of nomination or indicate the type of professional learning they intend to undertake and if successful, manage their activities in consultation with the Executive Director, Educators SA over the following 12-month program.
  • All funding must be acquitted by the end of the 2022 calendar year unless otherwise negotiated. This timeline may be extended if COVID impacts on the awardee’s ability to implement their plans.
  • The award cannot be used to support business development or private enterprises.

Further Information

The successful applicant for the Minister’s Early Career Arts Education Award will be awarded $5,000 towards their professional learning in their chosen Arts field.

  • An advisory committee of Educators SA, Arts Associations and a representative from the Department for Education will assess the submissions. The recommendations are then endorsed by the Educators SA Board.
  • The award winner will be required to attend an official evening event (29th October 2021), to be presented with their award. They may also be required for a media call.
  • The award winner will be required to provide a report on completion of their professional learning and to run a small professional learning activity that is based on their professional learning funded by the prize.
  • Nominations are to be limited to the specified word counts.
  • Support material validating training or mentoring can be additional. CV’s can be provided but must be no longer than two pages

Please contact Rod Nancarrow (Educators SA) or Cherie Broad (Department for Education) to discuss your nomination and/or eligibility.

Rod Nancarrow, Executive Director, Educators SA
T: 08 8463 5875
M: 0409 630 282

Cherie Broad, Arts Projects Officer, Department for Education
M: 0408 197 059 (Mondays and Thursdays)


Nomination Guidelines

Teachers can self-nominate or be nominated by a member of the school and/or education community. Teachers nominated for the Awards must:

  • Be a teacher currently based in a public or non-Government school
  • Be in their first five years of commencing teaching including contract, TRT and ongoing appointments
  • Not have won an Arts educator award previously
  • Not be applying for another Minister’s Arts Education Award this year.

To be eligible nominees need to provide the following:

  • Principal’s endorsement
  • Supporting statement by the nominee or nominator
  • Personal statement
  • Professional learning proposal (including budget)


Supporting statements should be based on the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (AITSL):
Professional knowledge

  • Know students and how they learn (in and/or through The Arts)
  • Know the (Arts curriculum) and how to teach it

Professional practice

  • Plan for and implement effective teaching and learning (in The Arts)
  • Create and maintain supportive and safe learning environments (in The Arts)
  • Assess, provide feedback and report on student learning (in The Arts)

Professional engagement

  • Engage in professional learning (and improve practice)
  • Engage with professionally with colleagues, parents/carers and the community

Allocation of Award Funds 2021

The majority of the Award funds must go towards the awardee’s professional learning activities. The awardee may use up to approximately $1,500 (the equivalent of 3 x full TRT days) of the Award for TRTs, and up to $500 of the Award to support an Arts activity in their school.

Selection Process

  • Applicants submit applications by the closing date and will be notified of receipt by Educators SA.
  • A panel representing the relevant Arts associations, Educators SA and the Department for Education will assess the applications.
  • Recommendations from the panel are then endorsed by the Educators SA Board.
  • All Applicants are notified of the outcomes by mid-October.

Requirements of Award Winners

  • Attend the Educators SA World Teachers Day evening event to be presented with their award (29th October 2021).
  • Be available for media calls as required.
  • Consult with the Executive Director of Educators SA.
  • Undertake to complete the professional learning activities within the 2022 calendar year (unless otherwise negotiated).
  • Develop a program of their professional learning activities.
  • Share their professional learning with colleagues in ways that benefit the broader teaching and learning community.
    • This will take the form of a short report at the end of their professional learning activity.
    • Contribute to one professional learning session for teachers and teaching artists in the 12 months following their professional learning activities, by negotiation with Educators SA.

Interested in Nominating?

Nominations can be made online. Please allow twenty minutes to complete the online application.

Before self-nominating or nominating a member of the school community, please ensure you have read:

You are advised to prepare your responses in a Word document, and copy and paste them into the online nomination form when you are ready to fill it in.

Nominations must be completed and submitted online no later than 5.00pm Friday 24th September 2021.