CA3 Membership


In case you haven’t heard, Creative Arts Association Australia (CA3) is a relatively new Professional Association for Creative Arts teachers and practitioners to connect, learn and grow together.

 So why be a member of CA3? The CA3 mission is to support, nurture and challenge the broader creative arts community to innovate and thrive. As such, CA3 membership offers you a network to share ideas, resources and access support to reach your best teaching practice. Membership provides:

 ·  access to a range of online resources for guidance, inspiration and use in the classroom with your students

·  the opportunity to explore the innovative CA3-D Online Gallery to guide and ideate with your students

·  access to industry professionals to extend your skills and knowledge

·  mentorship 

·  ways your student work can be showcased in the CA3 Online Gallery. 

Preview their new CA3-D Online Gallery. 

Become a member of CA3.