AI and Learning Workshops – Educators SA

4:30pm - 4:50pm
Via Zoom

If you are a member of any of our 61 associations, you’re invited to attend Educators SA’s AI and Learning Workshop

If you are thinking about how AI can benefit your learners, then you are not alone!

This has become one of the hottest topics in education and we are all grappling with this exciting new technology.

That’s why Educators SA is partnering with one of our members, SA HALT Network, to present a series of online workshops on AI and Learning presented by Dr Nick Jackson, the Digital Technologies Leader at Scotch College.  Many of you would know Nick from presentations at various conferences including EdTechSA and INTAN.

The workshops start on Wednesday 30th of August and run every Wednesday at 4:30pm for 10 weeks – not including the holidays.  Each last around 40 minutes.

Free for the series- If you are on a committee/boards of an Educators SA member association

$50 for the series- If you are a member of any one of the 61 Educators SA member associations

Feel free to attend them all or just the ones relevant to you.

Episode 1 – Introduction to Ai and Education – Wednesday 30 August

·        Chatbots and how they work

·        Signing up and accessing ChatGPT

·        The interface, history and settings

·        Basic prompting

·        Q&A

Episode 2 – Effective Prompting – Wednesday 6 September

·        The formula of a prompt

·        The language of effective prompts

·        Iterations, ChatGPT’s defiance and hallucinations

·        Q&A

Episode 3 – Using ChatGPT for Communication – Wednesday 13 September

·        Creating emails

·        Creating articles, blog posts, policies, etc

·        Assistance with difficult conversations

·        Q&A

Episode 4 – Using ChatGPT for ‘Teacher Preparation’ (part 1) – Wednesday 20 September

·        Using ChatGPT as an ideation tool

·        Creating unit and lesson plans

·        Creating teaching materials

·        Improving existing materials

·        Q&A

Episode 5 – Using ChatGPT for ‘Teacher Preparation’ (part 2) – Wednesday 27 September

·        Using ChatGPT for creating formative assessments

·        Using ChatGPT for creating summative assessments

·        Auditing and improving existing assessments

·        Q&A

Episode 6 – Using ChatGPT as a Teaching Assistant (Secondary) – Wednesday 18 October

·        Exploring use cases for teaching with ChatGPT 

·        Q&A

Episode 7 – Using ChatGPT as a Teaching Assistant (Primary) – Wednesday 25 October

·        Exploring use cases for teaching with ChatGPT 

·        Q&A

Episode 8 – Using ChatGPT for Learning (Secondary) – Wednesday 1 November

·        Exploring use cases for learning with ChatGPT 

·        Q&A

Episode 9 – Using ChatGPT for Learning (Primary) – Wednesday 8 November

·        Exploring use cases for learning with ChatGPT 

·        Q&A

Episode 10 – Wider possibilities for ChatGPT – Wednesday 15 November

·        Using ChatGPT for report writing

·        Assessing work, moderation and plagiarism checkers

·        Changing your workflow

·        Q&A

Our Presenter

Dr Nick Jackson has worked for over 20 years in education at universities and in schools. He has a passion for researching and working with teachers, students and technology. He focuses on learners being empowered to access education in the ways that they choose and have doors open to create new pathways into learning enhanced by technology. His specialties include pedagogy, educational technology, A.I. in education, e-learning, teaching, learning, online learning, coaching, training, empowering learners, communities of practice, ICT, computing, digital technologies, web design, design thinking, critical & creative thinking and all manner of digital innovation.

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Thanks to the SA HALT Network for initiating this opportunity.