“You are holding the future right in your hands”

Vice Regal Reception at the Government House on 6 of May

On Monday Educators SA’s patron His Excellency the Honourable Hieu Van Le AC, Governor of South Australia and Mrs Lan Le welcomed about 100 guests at the Government House in Adelaide. Presidents of member associations, young educators, as well as award winners of the last World Teachers’ Day and major sector VIPs joined the Vice Regal Reception, among them Susan Close, Deputy Leader of the Opposition and Shadow Minister for Education and head of sectors – Rick Persse, Chief Executive of the Department for Education and Carolyn Grantskalns, Chief Executive AISSA.

His Excellency very clearly illustrated the important role that our Professional Associations play in driving educational change and leadership in South Australia: “You are holding the future right in your hands”, he pointed out. Associations provide a “wrap around” learning service that embraces educators from their first moments preparing for life in a learning setting, through graduation, early career, the ensuing trials and tribulations that education involves, right through to their celebrations of a career well lived. “Tonight we take a moment to honour you, the leaders of our member associations for all the work that you do”, said Lisa-Jane O’Connor, president of Educators SA. “In your busy professional lives you may not always have the chance to appreciate the scope and magnitude of just what you and your colleagues contribute to our State.”

In the recent McGregor Tan research it was found that 78% of educators in this state access professional learning through professional associations, and with a higher approval and effectiveness rating than any other source this is testament to just one of the many services associations are providing so powerfully. As Andy Hargreaves, a world leader in educational change said recently “ it is the combination of evidence and experience that creates the judgement that allows us to act in an evidence informed way”. Professional associations demonstrate every day that local innovation can and should be valued, and that it is what an educator does with children every day that has and always will be the true measure of educational success. Lisa-Jane O’Connor: “Herein lies the power of associations – every child, every educator, every day – surrounded by your professional support. We hope that tonight here in this majestic and historic room you enjoy the opportunity to pause and acknowledge all you have led your associations to achieve.”