Rebecca’s top resources for Maths

Are you a Maths teacher and have just started your career as an educator? Then this blog article is for you! Rebecca Garrett from MASA (Mathematical Association of SA) has shared her top 4 resources with us. She is part of a new series within the Early Career Hub where we are going to share the top resources of experienced educators and edupreneurs. In the next couple of weeks you will find great links to certain learning areas and also general planning links.

1. SACE Mathematics:
A great site for SACE teachers to keep up to date with the changes in curriculum. There is so much flexibility with assessment, you just need to read the documentation.

2. Numbers Game:
This one is an excellent warm up game using basic numeracy. Works great if you have mini white boards in the classroom. Perfect for teachers from Years 7 to 12.

3. Kahoot:
It is a great way to engage learners in a quick, effective and interactive way. Creating your own quiz is very simple too! Suitable for any year level.

4. OneNote:
I use my Notebooks every day. OneNote gives you the power to help students inside and outside of the classroom. The ability to be collaborative and also individualise for students is fantastic. Suitable for all curriculum areas and all year levels.

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