New mentoring program for educators

We are thrilled to announce the launch of an exciting new program to support graduates and early career educators called MentorEd SA.

This program will connect graduates and early career educators with great mentors who love being educators and who are actively involved in one of our professional associations.

Mentor Educators SA is all about connecting those great educators with those who can most benefit from their support, our graduates and early career educators.

To make this connection, we have partnered with Brancher, an excellent Australian company that specialises in mentoring, and we will use their digital platform to create the best mentoring matches and make ‘staying connected’ easy.

The program focuses on graduate and early career educators in country locations who are teaching Maths or Science at a primary or secondary level. Depending on the success of the program, we would like to extend these areas next year. 

It’s completely free and participants can leave at any time if the program is not meeting their needs.

For more information

Contact the Educators SA team on 84635875 or

You can also get lots of information by watching our short video clip at