“It’s all about respect and trust”

Pasi Sahlberg morning session

Great event with Pasi Sahlberg at EDC

About 150 educators used the opportunity to join the Finnish educator and author Pasi Sahlberg at the Education Development Centre on 18th of August. In two sessions he encouraged the attendees to reflect on how they can continue to make a positive difference to the children and young people under their influence. The morning session was all about Small Data: “Small data can reveal things at schools, why things are as they are”, Pasi said. “It’s important to take time and think before changing processes.” In the afternoon Pasi explained why Finland has one of the most successful education systems in the world. “It’s all about respect and trust. Often schools suffer from short term political aims. The government should trust schools and teachers more!”

The buzz in the room was high, even at the end of the day – and testament to the learning success of the day. Many thanks for choosing to be part of our Pasi learning event. If you haven’t yet explored Pasi’s slides – please find the links here: Morning session – afternoon session

Pasi also talked about a recent article he had written in the Guardian about “too much control” – this can be found here.
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