How to become a great teacher

Nobdy is perfect. As a teacher it is almost impossible to become perfect for ALL your students. We are all different and each of your students has their own learning style. However, you always can become a better teacher for your students. In this post we provide ten great tips.


1. Know yourself as others know you

An absolute must: student feedback – this isn’t really whether you’re liked or not. Experienced teacher feedback – at least once a month. Peer teacher feedback once a term.


2. Find a mentor

Make sure you identify and articulate what you’re talking about. What do you want to improve? Invite real comments. Is my ‘world order’ / background showing? Differing between unloading and developing.


3. Know how to design

Know how to design not regurgitate. This doesn’t mean you can be short on ‘content’. Know your curriculum area deeply. Task design – are you clear about the learning goals? Assessment design – cannot be parted from the above. Practice and feedback is of the essence. Seek moderation and calibration.


4. Monitor yourself

Monitor yourself against the standards (collect evidence). Learn to judge yourself; this is the superannuation of you as a constant learner. Form opinions about what you want others to observe of you and mentor you. This takes time but if you don’t you may never know what you don’t know.


5. Believe in learning through behaviour

Believe in the learning not only through talk but through behaviour. What non-verbal behaviours transmit that you believe in the ‘learning’?


6. Learn how to help others

And others will help you! Helping others improves your skills and fundamentally develops self-knowledge – join a professional learning group in your school.


7. Use student voice and data

Use student voice and data to drive your professional learning and development. Can you actually see improved learning outcomes? What does the data say about you? Can you use the data to identify the professional development you need?


8. Show kindness

Never underestimate the power of kindness. You never know how much happiness you can bring to someone’s life.


9. Every day is a new day

Every day is a new and an old day. “I’m struggling can you help?”


10. Join an association!

Join an association to share educators’ passion about their professional life.