2021: The Year for Associating Professionally

Campaign Logo 2021


Associating professionally is an important part of every educator’s professional life. In 2021, Educators SA is running a campaign on behalf of all professional associations to emphasise the importance and benefits of associating professionally.

The aim is to make every educator aware of professional associations, the benefits they offer and the impact they have on educators’ career-long development. If 2020 has told us one thing, it is the fact that associations have never been more important. By associating professionally, you develop yourself as a professional, make a difference for your colleagues and your profession, and accelerate your career.

Our “Year for Associating Professionally” campaign is a deliberate and purposeful way of promoting associations to all educators in the State.  With its themes of:

  • Develop yourself as a professional
  • Make a difference
  • Accelerate your career

It puts a strong value case as to why every educator should be in an association and its messages are particularly targeted to young educators.  We intend to raise the profile of associating professionally as something every educator should be doing and that the best place to do it is through a professional association.

You can help by encouraging your colleagues to associate professionally through an association and by following @Educators SA on social media!