Interested in being a mentor?

To be a Mentor, you will be at any career stage and you will love being an educator, be knowledgeable about your learning area, and willing to connect up with and support an early career educator. Ideally, you will be a member of an educator professional association in SA.

How Can I Participate?

Firstly, participation for both mentors and mentees is free!
It is a professional commitment! There are no requirements to stay on and you can leave the program at any time.
To put your name forward to be a mentor, simply click on the button below and complete the required information.

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All information is handled according to our privacy policy, so your details are treated confidentially.
The information you provide will be used to match you to suitable mentees. You can choose from amongst these, who you want to mentor.

What then

As a mentor, you will receive requests from mentees who best match the information you provided. You can then choose from amongst the requests who you think best matches your experience and interests. You can choose more that one, but don’t overstretch initially.
The platform will connect the two of you and support you to determine goals and times when you would like to meet.
Depending on geography, you can meet in person or online.  It’s up to you to work out what works best for you and your mentee.
Remember that this is a self-driven platform, so you always remain in control of your mentoring journey.

Because it’s an exclusive program with limited numbers, the only ask is that you must be willing to commit one hour per month to connect. The program expectation of meeting monthly and doing the training has been designed to help you get the most from the program.

How Long does it Last

The length of each mentoring relationships varies and is up to each pair, mentee and mentor, to decide.

Some relationships are as short as a month, others six months and some event longer.