Interested in being a mentee?

A mentor can be your secret weapon as a new teacher!

They’ll offer insider tips and real-world advice to conquer classroom challenges and turbocharge your teaching career, all while boosting your confidence and making the journey way more fun.

  • Transform Your Teaching: Dive into MentorEd and make your teaching journey extraordinary.
  • Totally Free: No costs, no strings—just genuine support from fellow educators.
  • Amazing Mentors: Connect with inspiring mentors who are eager to help you shine.
  • On-Demand Support: Get advice and encouragement exactly when you need it.
  • Choose Your Path: Pick mentors who vibe with you and move at your own speed.
  • Cool New Platform: Link up with like-minded peers on our awesome online platform.
  • Flexible Hangouts: Meet up online or in person, whenever it suits you.
  • Your Time, Your Terms: Stay connected with your mentor for as long as you want—whether it’s a month, a term, or a year.
  • Boost Your Site Mentoring: Perfectly complements any mentoring you already have.
  • Empower Your Future: It’s all free, thanks to Educators SA, supporting educators like you!


  • To be a Mentee, you will be a graduate or early career educator looking to connect up with a mentor from outside of your own school.  This program does not replace your in-school mentoring; rather it complements it.
  • You can be an early years, primary or secondary, teaching a learning area you are passionate about, or teaching out of field because of the needs of your schools. You need to be currently teaching in a school. The program is open to teachers of all subjects. 
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