Year Level(s):
Primary, Secondary
Subject Area(s):
Culture, Language
Pre-Service Concession:

Community Language Schools SA

Community Language Schools SA (previously known as Ethnic Schools Association SA) is the umbrella body representing 104 ethnic school authorities teaching 52 languages.

The principal belief of the association is that all individuals have the right to maintain, develop, express and share their cultural heritages and all are equally entitled to participate in and benefit from the activities of ethnic schools.

An ethnic school is a non-profit making, after-hours language and culture school open to all students irrespective of their linguistic background.

All ethnic schools work to sustain and develop the languages and cultures of Australian communities. They provide a focus for their communities and foster a sense of identity among Australians of all cultural backgrounds. Most importantly, ethnic schools promote cohesion within the diversity of multicultural society.

Ethnic schools offer the widest range of language of any Australian educational institution. Many are languages vital to Australia’s economic development.


Ethnic Schools are welcome to apply for membership of Community Language Schools SA.

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