Digital Tools

Below you will find a list of our team’s favourite digital tools, platforms and apps for creating, collaborating and organising. We think you might find some of them fun and helpful for achieving your association work!


Audacity is a free, open source digital audio recording and editing application/software. You can use it to record and edit Podcasts, songs, voice-overs for videos and more. Audacity has been around for a long time which means lots of great YouTube tutorials have been created over the years to help you if you ever get curious about a particular feature (or stuck!).


Canva is a design platform. You can use it to create, save and share presentations, programs, certificates, documents, social media graphics and more. Canva keeps adding handy features and tools, but we particularly like the in-built ‘brand-kit’ where you can save your logo and brand colours ready for your next creation!

You can access the free version of Canva by signing up. Canva also offers the pro version for free to not-for-profit organisations and educators.


Humanitix is an event registration and ticketing platform. Humanitix is Australian, not-for-profit and directs 100% of profits from booking fees to a range of education programs. We love that it donates profits to education programs, is integrated with Canva and has accessibility features to provide guests with important accessibility information.

Humanitix is free to use for free events and offers special rates to charities and not-for-profits.