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Early Career and Preservice Teacher Event “ConnectEd” on 19th of July

The first years of teaching are a whirlwind. Imagine juggling lesson plans, classroom management, student needs, and your own professional development – all while feeling like you’re constantly on the learning curve. It’s exhilarating, exhausting, and undeniably rewarding.

If you’re a new educator, or about to embark on your teaching journey, you’re not alone. ConnectEd, the Early Career and Preservice Teacher Conference, is designed to be your lifeline through those crucial first years.

Why this event will supercharge your career

This conference isn’t just about theory. It’s about practical tools and strategies to navigate the realities of the classroom. Here’s how this event will help you:

  • Seasoned Educators, real solutions: Learn from experienced educators who have been in the trenches. They’ll share their best practices for classroom management, engaging lesson plans, and fostering positive student relationships
  • Connect with your tribe: ConnectEd provides a supportive space to connect with other early career and preservice teachers. Share your experiences, ask questions, and learn from each other’s triumphs and challenges. This sense of community can be a game-changer, reminding you that you’re not alone in the journey. After the event, join your colleagues for some drinks at Plant 3 Bowden.
  • Develop your teaching style: Feeling overwhelmed by all the teaching methods out there? ConnectEd offers a variety of workshops to help you discover what works for you and your students.

Invest in yourself, invest in your students
The first years of teaching set the stage for your entire career. By attending ConnectEd, you’re investing not only in your professional development, but also in the success of your future students.

Join the movement – register today!
Don’t miss out on this valuable opportunity to connect, learn, and build the foundation for a thriving teaching career. Visit the ConnectEd website and register today!

Friday 19th July 2024
EDC-Education Development Centre

Cost: ECTs $25.00, PSTs $15.00

If you are already a member of an educator professional association, then the event is free! Check out the educator professional associations here

P.S. Remember, even the most experienced teachers were once newbies. ConnectEd is your chance to learn from their wisdom and build the confidence you need to conquer those first years of teaching. Register here!