South Australian Association for Media Education Inc


The South Australian Association for Media Education (SAAME) originally began as the S.A. Association for Screen Education during the 1970's, and hosted the first National Screen Education Conference in Australia.


Membership is open to everyone concerned with media education (school teachers, students, general public, etc), and people in the media industries. SAAME conducts teaching workshops and offers peer support to media/arts teachers.

Membership benefits include:

  • MediaWise - our newsletter provides latest information on media education, teaching ideas etc.
  • Media Moves - our monthly program on radio PBA-FM not only provides the latest information on the media and media education but is available for members and their students to do their own broadcasting. Goes to air every second Wednesday of the month at 8.30pm.
  • Cinema discounts - membership card with photo-identification entitles members to discounts at Wallis, Greater Union, Hoyts and Capri cinemas.
  • Free film previews and Study guides.
  • Discounts on all SAAME sponsored workshops, seminars and conferences including the Biennial National Conference.