Early Childhood Organisation Inc South Australia


Early Childhood Organisation Inc (EChO) is a group of South Australian educators and carers whose focus is on children from birth to eight years of age.

EChO is committed to developing the status, high quality and future direction of early childhood education!


Membership of EChO is open to any person whose primary concern is the care and education of young children.

We welcome members from child care, family day care, preschools, schools, tertiary education institutions (such as Universities, TAFE) and educational organisations (such as DECD, Catholic Education, Independent Schools Association).

Member benefits include:

  • FREE student memberships
  • Discount memberships for SSOs/ECW equivalent
  • Discounts to professional learning and access to workshop resources
  • Discounted renewal membership rates
  • Free early career educator networking and informational sessions and support
  • Free member networking and professional learning events
  • Professional reading and curriculum links/resources on the EChO website