About Educators SA

The Largest Community of Educators in South Australia

Our Story

Educators SA represents 60 professional educator associations and a community of 15 000+ educators. Collectively, we speak as the voice of educators in South Australia!

Formed in 1994 as the Council of Education Associations of South Australia (CEASA), Educators SA and its members represent the views of educators from all aspects of the profession, sectors, levels of care and schooling.

Educators SA is managed by a member elected Board and is guided by a Council of delegates from each member association. The aim is for every member to have a say and contribute to Educators SA. We advocate for the profession at a government and sector level, provide professional learning to member presidents and committees, provide a range of services to members and to the public including being the largest provider of the Responding to Risks of Harm and Abuse and Neglect training.

Educators SA is a registered charity and incorporated association; we are committed to enabling all educators in South Australia to associate professionally both online and through association communities.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the peak professional educational representative association in South Australia.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide connections to improve educator quality through collaboration.
Drive Quality Performance

  • Advocate the role of professional associations in achieving educator quality
  • Provide relevant and informed advice, based on evidence from field, to government and educational sectors
  • Develop data acquisition and management strategies to enable informed and credible decision making and advocacy
Build Productive and Strategic Relationships

  • Develop a Communication Strategy that embraces technological solutions that is inclusive and encourages engagement
  • Strengthen our relationships with educational authorities and our members
Embed Sustainability

  • Diversify our income streams by creating viable and sustainable funding sources
  • Actively pursue opportunities to promote, create awareness and raise the profile of Educators SA
  • Lead the generation and promotion of innovation
  • Provide quality services that assist our members with effective governance, marketing and management
  • Build our capability to grow the capacity of the organisation
  • Explore the development of an accountability framework

Our Sponsor

Credit Union SA

Credit Union SA

Credit Union SA was formed on 1 October 2009 by a merger between former South Australian credit unions Satisfac and Powerstate, which had their origins in the education and industrial sectors respectively.

Credit Union SA is now South Australia’s third largest credit union, with $1 billion in assets and over 50,000 members.

Credit Union SA continues its long history of supporting the education sector by offering exclusive Education Community Banking Benefits to educators and education workers.